• To be your representatives as mediators in the auction. We are accredited before the courts to participate in the auctions.
  • Inform you of the specific conditions of that particular auction: How long can you present bids, what documents you must present, if the auction has any special conditions, etc.
  • You will be able to consult the files related to the auction (provided they are available), such as the auction edict, the domain and charges also if possible, the cadastral certificate, etc.
  • We will try to get you the best price considering the bids that may arise during the auction.
  • During the auction process, we shall inform you at all times of the evolution of the auction.
  • In the event that the auction reaches the maximum price that you propose, we will inform you to see if you wish to continue or abandon the bid.
  • We will keep you informed,  on the days leading up to the auction, also in the event the auction is suspended for any reason. 



This next package of services is included in our fees, regardless of whether you take advantage of them or not.

  1. Administrative management: Travel, food and accommodation (if necessary).
  2. Property title insurance, with a guarantee of up to € 500.000,00 (25 years).
  3. Power of attorney of Jávea Homes S.L: To act on your behalf and representation in all administrative procedures after the auction. (Included as long as they are signed in Jávea).
  4. Power of attorney of representation for lawyers: To act on your behalf and representation in the Courts. (Included as long as they are signed in Jávea).
  5. Power of representation for the barrister: To act on your behalf and representation in the Courts and Tribunals. (Included as long as they are signed in Jávea).
  6. Tax Office: Completion and presentation of model 600 for the payment of the I.T.P.
  7. Land Registry: Preparation and submission to land registry of the awarding documents or title deed and the court order for cancellation of previous charges.
  8. Plusvalía: Application and presentation at the corresponding City Hall.
  9. Architects certificate: For the application and obtaining the certificate of second occupation or responsible declaration.
  10. Energy certificate: Application and presentation to the corresponding governing body.
  11. Bulletin: of electrical installations (whenever the property allows it): Petition and presentation of documentation to the corresponding governing body.
  12. Water installation bulletin (as long as the property allows it): Application and presentation of documentation to the corresponding governing body.
  13. Certificate of Second Occupation or responsible declaration (up to a maximum of € 250,00): Application and payment of municipal taxes to the corresponding governing body.
  14. I.B.I ( Rates): Request to change ownership in the Town Hall or corresponding official Town hall or governing body.
  15. Rubish collection tax or Solid Waste: Application for change of ownership at the Town Hall or corresponding official governing body.
  16. Accompany the judicial committee: The day of taking possession of the property.
  17. Locksmith: Hiring to change the main lock and handing over the keys to the property the same day of the takeover.
  18. Multilingual lawyers:  Pellicer & Heredia: Payment of fees for services rendered. Contact information. Avenida del Pla 125, Bajo. Pt 7 • 03730 • Jávea • Tel. 965 480 737 • Email: • Lawyer: Ignacio Pellicer
  19. In th event you don´t win the auction and having paid our fees, we shall not charge you for the next four participations.

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