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1.1 Who is Property Auctions Spain and what is its relationship with Javea Homes?

It is a commercial name, of the Javea Homes brand with V.A.T. number CIF B53586301.

1.2 What types of auctions are published on

Only auctions that have been announced in the BOE and that are ongoing appear on our website. Once finished, we remove from our web site.

Likewise, we try to avoid publishing properties that are of the nature of main residence for families, we also try to avoid publishing auctions related to 50% of title of owner ship / or having squatters inside.

The auctions we publish are subject to the following procedures:

1. Judicial
They are auctions held by the courts in which properties seized by the bank are sold to debtors to obtain liquidity and pay their creditors.

  • Voluntary: Motivated by the extinction of a condominium and where there is no agreement among the co-owners, regarding, the price and manner of proceeding to its partition and distribution.
  • Bankruptcy: Caused either by individuals or entities that have lent money and this cannot be returned to their debtors.
  • Way of urgency: Procedure by which it tries to convert stolen belongings into a quantity of money with which to satisfy the credit of the creditor.

2. Via the Notaries office
Are those that are made before a notary public, in agreement with a legal provision, with regards to a judicial or administrative decision, a possible contract or testamentary clause, in execution of an arbitration award or mediation agreement, or when there is an express agreement on the matter in a public instrument. Notarial auctions are also called "voluntary".

  • Extrajudicial sale or the so called out of extrajudicial sales: The relieve of the congestion suffered by some courts and hey have an average duration of two months; This is an alternative to foreclosure, while a judicial process is more expensive and can last between 8 and 15 months.

Are those issued by the Tax Agency, in order to obtain income and cover debts that do not pay some taxpayers.

Are those managed by the General Treasury of Social Security (TGSS) to collect the outstanding debt.

1.3 How does JAVEA HOMES / PROPERTY AUCTIONS SPAIN interact in the auctions that are carried out through its website?

At JAVEA HOMES / PROPERTY AUCTIONS SPAIN we act as a specialized company and intermediary in the sale of real estate by auctions, these are published on the official Gazette (BOE).

For more information about this section, visit our services section on our website

1.4 Where do the properties that are auctioned come from?

Most of the properties come from private individuals, companies in bankruptcy proceedings, monetary executions, foreclosures, common partition for the division of properties, civil o voluntary proceedings, administrative procedures.

In no case JAVEA HOMES / PROPERTY AUCTIONS SPAIN holds ownership over the properties or repossessions.

1.5 Can I visit the properties that are auctioned?

In some cases, potential purchasers may visit the properties that are subject to auction. This will have to be formally requested, and this will take place when the Managing Authority of the auction has the keys to the property, and the property it is not rented or occupied.

1.6 How can I keep informed of properties that interest me?

If you are interested in being up dated or acquiring a property through public auction, you can send us an email to pointing out the property you are interested in receiving further information on, or giving us your details and your specific criteria so we can register you on our data base and keep you up dated when we have some property that fit your criteria.

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